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We aim to bring you the best online UK Forex Broker, Europe and options for the rest of the World. UK Share Trading gives the best UK Forex Broker offers. Live trading share prices for Forex, Indices, Commodities and Stocks along with the highest rated online share trading companies available. Regularly posting trading tips and advice please read our regular articles on trading, day trading and latest stock market trends. Receive your £20 Welcome trading bonus on signup.

The first good tip is to do your background knowledge, pick a recommended UK Forex broker, read up on currencies and how they fluctuate, start reading the financial times rather than the sun or the daily star. One of the most traded pair of Forex online is the EUR/USD and another one that day traders like the most due to its high volatility is GBP/JPY. This is very similar to trading gold and silver as gold is more predictable but silver can be much more volatile, meaning you can make more faster, but also remain aware losses can be quicker too. Please take a look at the different currencies you can trade in, they are always in pairs, we advise you pick no more than three, study them and get familiar with them, you will have more chance of doing well if you know your trade.
UK Share Trading understands that Trading Forex online is one of the most popular and choosing the right Uk Forex Broker can be the most profitable form of share trading. For beginners this can be daunting, and there are things to be aware of before you get started, so keep reading this post for a good starts up. With most Forex brokers There are high leverages available and with very little money, you can have big gains but big loses as well because trading Forex online is a high risk. There is financial friction since fees are being paid in the form of spread. If you are not an expert and just started trading Forex online, it is highly recommended that you have a good training or at least a play around with small amounts or on a demo plus500 account before you start. Do not even think about this if you have absolutely no idea, as you could lose your money quickly. Do not trade with more money than you can afford to lose, yes the gains can be massive, but of course the losses can be worse!

Don't rule out some training! A good Forex Broker offers some kind of training. There are some great courses available both online and through established forex trading companies such as plus500. There is lots of free information out there and people who offer help, support and advice. We at uksharetrading offer advice where we can and feel free to email us with any questions at We strongly recommend you have a go with the demo account on our site to get a good feel firstly for how quickly/slowly prices can jump up and down, but again please feel free to ask questions.

Pick a Uk Forex Broker that offers a demo account and try the demo account first as mentioned above, trading Forex is a risk and you would be wise to try before you buy. Once you feel more confident deposit the minimum amount required to trade so you are only risking what you put in, once you start making some progress and are increasing your deposits then slowly you can buy more.

Make sure you utilize and Learn how to enter and exit trades. A Uk Forex Broker like Plus500 has the appropriate tools and system which demonstrates and teaches you. Following the markets on various charts is a popular method that professional traders have been using for over a hundred years before charts, candlesticks, indicators inception.

Decide on the cfd currencies you want to buy and sell and stick to them (especially if you are just starting out and have little knowledge). One example a countries currency may jump up is if there is strong demand for a particular currency because investors want to invest in the country's stock market, where as if the country suffers an economic downturn, the opposite will happen and investors lose confidence and sell.

Find what works and stick to what works well for you, everybody is different and if you wish to make small profits and buy and sell on a frequent basis (daily), this can be better than investing over a long period. Of course try new things, but why not utilize the plus500 demo account first? Its all about trial and error, the more experience you have the better chance you have of being successful. As with with websites they say content is key, with online shares trading, knowledge is key. Not the case in this instance where its not what you know its who you know, unless of course you have some very knowledgeable friends. Another good tip is to always keep a trade journal to track your trades. Follow your trading plan. If you have already picked the trading tools in your plan, do not go against your trading strategy. Always stick to your plan, stick with one UK broker if you want to succeed in this field.

Finally, good luck! we need that in anything yes? even the most experienced forex traders have bad days, and need that bit of luck so be careful, be lucky and as always were here if you want to ask any questions. Please understand that your Capital is at risk and UK Share Trading or any of our representatives can not be held responsible for any loss that may be incurred.