UK Share Trading

UK Share Trading

I'm a complete beginner to trading shares, so where do I start?uk share trading

There are many ways to begin trading shares, you can contact your bank and begin trading almost immediately with just a few hundred pounds. However if you set up an account with a company or bank you have never dealt with before,  you will not be able to start dealing with shares until you receive clearance and a password by letter. The company or dealer may also require a minimum deposit, usually at least £100.

There are many easier ways to begin buying and trading shares online, such as signing up with a CFD (Contract for difference) broker. There are a wide choice of dealers available and you can begin trading almost immediately after supplying and confirming your identity. Most of these brokers offer demo accounts where you can practice trading, before you put your hard earned real money into your account through uk share trading.

How do I find the right broker for me?

First of all you need to ask yourself, what do I want to buy? You can trade in almost anything online including commodities like coffee, gold, oil and silver or buying currencies (forex) which can fluctuate lots every day. There are lots of brokers on our site to take a look at, many of which offer you a bonus when you deposit money to their account.

How easy is it to trade?

Depending on which broker you sign up to, it is relatively simple. After you supply your details and deposit your money, you can begin to trade at the touch of a button on your desktop or smartphone. The bigger dealers often have an App you can download, where you can track everything you are buying, with live prices in an instant.

What's the best trading account for regular users?

Again it all comes down to what you are looking to purchase, how often you want to trade and if you want to buy with high leverage, which carries a higher risk.

How easy is it to get stung?

If someone contacts you inviting you to invest in shares, then you could be quite sure to stay well clear. It is likely to be a share scam, where sales people try convincing you to buy stock in which they claim is about to soar up in value, you can be quite sure it wont! A good way to build up your confidence in share trading is to download a demo account where you can learn about the stock markets before you deposit your hard earned cash.

Where can I find more information?

Investing in shares is one of the most talked about topics on the web, there are also some good magazines out there with some tips on how to protect your investments. Uk share trading shares information on ways to begin trading and is a good start to understanding how the process works.

Where can I find the best online brokers for uk share trading

All trading brokers listed on this site, are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, or equivalent body. Please be beware of any broker's that are not regulated, as they could be online scams.