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Etoro is an online broker where you can trade shares online, but has the unique benefit of allowing you to follow experienced successful traders and copy them!

What can trade with Etoro trading software?

With Etoro share trading software you can invest in the following:

Forex – Trade in over 50 forex pairs

Commodities – Invest in Oil, Gold, Silver and commodites such as coffee, sugar and Natural Gas.

Indices – You can invest in the UK100 or USA500 and all other countries top companies.

Stocks – Invest in the top companies around the world such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple.

Essential information on trading with Etoro

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Trade Socially with Etoro Share Trading Online

Trading stocks is easy at eToro Invest in your favorite company in 3 simple steps!

Come trade stocks on the world’s leading Social Trading Network.
Don’t know how to trade? Don’t worry. You can also follow other traders and copy their actions. Trade Forex etoro way and follow other successful traders online.

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Invest in Apple »
Invest in Google »
Invest in Facebook»
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Invest in Yahoo »
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