Bet365 Trading Review

bet365 trading online reviewBet365 Trading Review

Here is our opinion after conducting our bet365 trading review. Just for an introduction, bet365 trading have an online financial game, where you can bet on live stock markets, forex and commodities.  Well our team have had a play around with various areas of the bet365 financial site and have listed some helpful information in the article below.

How easy is it to use bet365 trading game

We asked two of our team to sign up with bet 365 and try their financial gambling game. We gave them both £200 to spend and see how they got on for a week. Our staff were also told not to place any bets on games in the casino, slots or sports to be fair.

Bet365 trading results

The following week, I asked our guys individually how they had got on and can report the following:

Our 1st employee, Jame's said he gave himself a budget of £30 per day. Considering we gave him £200 for the week, this sounded reasonable. On day 1 James decided to bet on the Euro against the US Dollar, betting £30 that the Euro would go above a certain price. James lost his first bet, which he said was down to selecting the wrong time-scale available. He should have bet on the price going up over an hour and not a day.

The following day James decided to have another go with the same forex pair but over a 5 minute bet, rather than a day and came out successful! Betting £30 and bringing in £48. But on the second day James actually placed several bets over 5 minute periods, claiming 5 out of 7 wins resulting in a profiit of £86. Not massive profits, but James commented that he felt pretty confident with the bets he had placed.

One frustration he had was that betting closed around 9pm for most financial bets, meaning he only had a couple of hours after work to play.

The final result for Jame's at the end of the week was as follows:

Started with £200

Amount of bets placed – 52

Financial turnover – £946

Bets won – 36

Bets lost – 16

Profit – £286.49

Jame's said he enjoyed using the bet365 trading site and would give it another go on his pay day! “My only real frustration was the fact betting closed at around 9pm for most of the markets, so I could not place as many bets as i would have liked, however it was fairly easy to use and understand, after I messed up once by getting the wrong time-scale. I found using the every minute time slot was most successful for me personally”

Our second person to test out bet 365 was Jenni, so how did she fair?

Ok, initially ‘Jenni' could not understand how to use the financials area.  She said frustration crept in very quickly. “After over an hour of trying to work out how to start, I gave up and contacted a member of the bet365 trading customer service team via online chat. Well I must admit, the customer service I received was excellent, I was shown a short demo of how the system worked and they talked me through how all the time-scales worked and how to choose the markets I required.”

Unlike Jame's, Jenni placed a whooping £100 on her first bet (in a 1 minute time-scale). She won, resulting in a £72 profit. Feeling confident, Jenni placed another £100 bet, winning another £54. Feeling pleased with herself and happy with her profit, Jenni gave it a rest for the day.

Over the next few days Jenni, placed a further 22 bets. Again unlike James, she placed less bets but for higher stakes and here are her bet365 trading final results.

Started with £200

Amount of Bets placed – 24

Financial turnover – £1480

Bets won – 14

Bets lost – 10

Profit – None, Jenni actually Lost £34

Jenni told us that at one point she was £560 in profit, but lost bets that she placed with higher stakes.

James and Jenni both said they received their 100% bonus on their 1st deposit, so overall you could say both of them lost money. We also came to the conclusion that if both stopped playing at the right time, they would both have made a decent profit.

From our findings, we had more success with the shorter time scales on offer to bet. Markets can change quickly and significantly over a day, with the shorter time scales being a little more predictable.

Below is a table of what is on offer at bet365, choose one to take you to the financial betting area and claim your 100% bonus.

Bet365 trading financial Offers 1st Deposit Bonus Free Bet Bonus Training Minimum Deposit Welcome Bonus Our Rating VIP Offers Bet365 trading Time Period Bet365 trading
Bet365 trading on Stock Market Every 5 Minutes          bet365 trading review £200 Free Bets YES NO Double whatever you deposit Up to £200 99/100 Yes bet365 bet 365 financial trading account signup
Bet on forex trading Hourly at Bet365        bet 365 financial trading game £200 Free bet YES NO £10 to Receive Free Bonus Bet Up to £200 97/100 Yes bet365 bet 365 forex betting online
Bet on wall street Every Day at Bet365         365 forex bets stock markets £200 Free Bonus YES NO deposit £200 to receive £400 in total Up to £200 90/100 Yes bet365 bet365 trading account

For any help with bet365 financial trading please contact us, our team will be happy to help as usual 🙂