Forex CFD Trading strategies

Forex Trading Pairs – Online Foreign Exchange Currency Brokers.

Here is a list of all the forex trading cfd's available with our online forex brokers. Just click on the Plus sign for each forex pair to choose your favourite broker and open a trading account. All of the bonuses available are listed on the right hand side of the page.

Forex cfd trading strategies Currencies Forex trading Symbol Live charts Forex Traders Choose a Broker Bet On Forex With Bet365 Financial Betting
GBPUSD British Pound – US Dollar GBP/USD Live Price 9.8/10  plus500xmetoroava trade forex trading
EURUSD Euro – US Dollar EUR/USD Live Price 10/10 plus500xmetoroava trade forex trading
GBPJPY British Pound – Japanese Yen GBP/JPY Live Price 9.0/10  
GBPCAD British Pound – Canadian Dollar GBP/CAD Live Price 8.8/10  
GBPAUD British Pound – Australian Dollar GBP/AUD 9.0/10
EURGBP Euro – British Pound EUR/GBP 9.6/10
EURCAD  Euro – Canadian Dollar EUR/CAD 8.9/10
EURJAP  Euro – Japanese Yen EUR/JAP 9.2/10
EURSGD  European euro, singapore dollar EUR/SGD 8.0/10
EURNZD  Euro – New Zealand Dollar EUR/NZD 8.2/10
EURAUD  Euro – Australian Dollar EUR/AUD 9.2/10
EURCHF  Euro – Swiss Franc EUR/CHF 7.8/10
EURNOK  euro, norwegian dollar EUR/NOK 8.5/10
USDCAD  US Dollar – Canadian Dollar USD/CAD 8.7/10
USDCHF  US Dollar, Swiss Franc USD/CHF 9.1/10
USDJPY  US Dollar – Japanese Yen USD/JPY 8.9/10
USDNOK  US Dollar, Norwegian krone USD/NOK 8.6/10
NZDUSD  New Zealand Dollar – US Dollar NZD/USD 8.5/10
AUDUSD  Australia Dollar – US Dollar AUD/USD 8.9/10
AUDNDZ  Australian Dollar, Newzealand Dollar AUD/NDZ 8.6/10
GBPCHF  British pound, switzerland franc GBP/CHF 8.2/10
GBPNZD  UK pound – N Zealand Dollar GBP/NZD 7.9/10
GBPSEK  English pound – Sweden krona GBP/SEK 7.0/10
GBPDKK Pound – Denmark Krone GBP/DKK 7.9/10
GBPNOK  British Pound – Norwegian Krone GBP/NOK 6.9/10
AUDJPY  Australia – Japan AUD/JPY 6.7/10
AUDCHF  Aussie Dollar – Swiss Franc AUD/CHF 7.1/10
AUDCAD Australia – Canada AUD/CAD 7.0/10
AUDSGD  Australia – Singapore Dollar AUD/SGD 6.4/10
CHFDKK  Swiss Franc – Danish Krone CHF/DKK 6.8/10
CHFSEK  Swiss Franc – Swedish Krona CHF/SEK 6.9/10
CHFJPY  Swiss Franc – Japanese yen CHF/JPY 7.1/10
CHFNOK  Swiss Franc – Norwegian Krone CHF/NOK 6.9/10
CADJPY  canadian dollar, japanese yen CAD/JPY 6.0/10
CADCHF  canadian dollar, swiss franc CAD/CHF 6.1/10
NZDCAD  new zealand, canada NZD/CAD 6.6/10
NZDCHF  newzealand, switzerland NZD/CHF 6.9/10
NZDJPY  newzealand dollar, japanese yen NZD/JPY 7.9/10
DKKNOK  danish krone, norwegian krone DKK/NOK 7.2/10
SEKNOK  Swedish Krona, norwegian krone SEK/NOK 7.0/10
BTCUSD  Bitcoin – US Dollar BTC/USD BITCOIN DAILY 9.9/10
LTCUSD  Litecoin – US Dollar LTC/USD LITECOIN DAILY 9.9/10
USDSGD  US Dollar, Singapore dollar USD/SGD 9.0/10
USDSEK  US dollar, Swedish Krona USD/SEK 8.9/10
EURMXN  Euro, Mexican Piso EUR/MXN 8.5/10
USDDKK  US Dollar, Danish Krone USD/DKK 8.2/10
EURTRY  Euro – Turkish Lira EUR/TRY 8.4/10
USDTRY  US Dollar – Turkey Lira USD/TRY 8.1/10
USDPLN US Dollar – Polish Zloty USD/PLN 8.0/10
EURPLN  Euro – Poland Zloty EUR/PLN 8.4/10
EURCZK  Euro – Czech Republic Koruna EUR/CZK 8.6/10
USDCZK  Dollar – Czech Rep Koruna USD/CZK 8.1/10
USDHRK  US Dollar, Croatian Kuna USD/HRK 7.6/10
USDHUF  Dollar, Hungarian Forint USD/HUF 7.7/10
USDLTL  Dollar – Lithuanian Litas USD/LTL 7.6/10
USDZAR  US Dollar – South African Rand USD/SAR 7.0/10
USDMXN  US Dollar – Mexico Piso USD/MXN 6.7/10